- Mixologist Mikk -


Mixologist Mikk is a genre-fusing producer, songwriter, rapper, and DJ, specializing in the Urban and EDM genres. His style oozes with seductively smooth lyricism, submerged into melody-driven, bass-pumping beats that feature atmospheric chords and edgy leads.

Enter The Lab

As the dense shroud of smoke clears, you walk through the double doors of the Frontgate and enter The Lab. At a distance, you spot a sharp-dressed, glasses-wearing character, bobbing his head to the beat blasting from the heaps of noise-making machines surrounding him. You veer closer and see a familiar face, but sense a whole new impression: The carefree, bartending partyphile ordinarily known as “Mikko” has morphed into a future-oriented, music-making mad scientist named Mixologist Mikk.

Experimentally Commercial

“Experimentally Commercial” describes the type of sound and musical identity Mikk is developing: His process of making music is experimental in nature, but anything he serves from The Lab radiates with commercial appeal. With his out-of-the-box mentality, he formulates potent mixtures of sounds, concepts, and collaborators. As a result, it all comes together as “Mixologist Music”: his all-digital brainchild of a label that caters to those who thirst for fresh, risk-taking music.

A Sound Plan

The blueprint has been laid out, and Mikk is bent on fulfilling it. “My vision is music moving forward, by means of crushing conventions and pulverizing paradigms,” he says. The man once thought of as an average boy-next-door is now actually on to something. What triggered his transformation, and what could be next? Discover the answers by exploring his songs, where much of his story unravels. You won’t be needing that flask anymore - so go ahead, down the fluid, and let’s get lost in the sonic biosphere of Mixologist Music...